Justin Toy is a wholesale distributor to retailers around the globe.

We have years of experience in the collectibles industry.

Strong Direction

Justin Toy passionately positions itself on the worldwide stage and orients its direction to the world market.

We aim to bring in diverse and creative products to the Taiwan market. We stand firmly with our mission to import fine and quality goods with strategically planned marketing efforts to broaden the business potential and the consumer market for our customers.

Market Assessment

Justin Toy imports top-of-the-line toy figures and carries trend setting brand names from all over the world. We not only provide the trendiest merchandises in the market but also develop and broaden market by supplying new design products with an expert sense of where the market is going. We implement strategic marketing tools and assist our customers to excel in their field of industries. Through careful studies of the market and continuously up-dating our products to meet up the fast-changing trend in the toy industry, we are able to satisfy users’ demands and uncover hidden but potential end-users.


Extensive Sales Channels

Justin Toy stands in the south sphere of Taiwan. It is the only globalized trading company that shares the vision of a globalized economy in Kaohsiung. We have crossed the national borders with our international marketing networks. Our suppliers include world-known companies from Mainland China, Japan, Korea, and several other countries on top of an operation branch in Los Angeles, U.S.A. The branch in the United States paves the way for our customers to open up new sales channels in the U.S. and Europe. We have numerous customers that carry our products in different sectors of the consumer product markets. In addition, our partners have maintained long-standing cooperative relationship where each partnership is highly cherished. Current sales channels include, but not limited to, chain department stores and shopping malls, toy and model stores, boutiques, comic and animation stores, re-known chain convenient stores, and popular on-line shops. However, Justin Toy is not content with what we have achieved. We strive to bring our partners with more, better, and higher return products.

Innovative Marketing

Justin Toy provides innovative marketing strategies and public relations supports for our vendors and customers by offering free advertisements. Our channels include printed materials distributed in cooperative stores, electronic ads on our website, frequent promotion events held in major cities in Taiwan, and alliances with different industries. By doing so, Justin Toy opens a wide range of possibilities to our vendors and customers in branding and market-targeting efforts.


In addition to product catalogues supplied to customers, ads, posters, and all printed promotional materials can be displayed in the store in order to attract customers’ attentions. Other promotional items such as DM, banners, human-size figure, and numerous extended products can be generated to add more value to specific products.

Justin Toy works closely with a variety of media. Whenever a new product is released, we will work with our vendors to promote the product through media coverage. By the vast and immediate media cover, the public can quickly learn more information on the newly released products and generate immeasurable revenues. In addition, Justin Toy can also market the product through billboards, books, magazines, and so on, in order to increase the product exposures.

Justin Toy provides a large and resourceful cyber network. Vendors and customers can easily exchange market information through the web. The official website for Justin Toy updates frequently with product information and event calendar. We also established a blog for professional toy figures and models. This blog attracts many bloggers to hyperlink to our site and even more potential end-users.

We frequently participate and conduct promotional events in chain department stores, trade shows, and on campuses. By face-to-face contact with customers, we create new channels for marketing and expand business potential.